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Here’s a collection of oldstuff from the WayBack Machine.  I find it remarkable -but somehow reassuring – that many of these ideas still resonate today.

Early Daze : the ITP

(1979-81) I was one of the first students at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (the ITP) in 1979. I’ve scanned some of my old graduate course papers for posterity … and your viewing pleasure.  For example:

I find it remarkable – but somehow reassuring – that many of these ideas still resonate today.

Never let your schooling interfere with your education. — Mark Twain

Topical Insights : Industry Conferences

elemental database 009(1982-89) I wrote and presented a lot of stuff about interactivity and “user experience” at industry conferences back in the mid-80’s. Some of it was actually insightful – and even relevant to issues that we deal with today. For example:


Make it Real : Solutions

(1982-88) The newly emerging interactive online industries had to build a large number of pages that could be updated easily, were platform independent, and retained some “meta-information” intelligence about themselves.

We didn’t really have many standards in the interactive industry just yet, so I invented my own data-tagging system:  a combination of HTML, CSS, Tagging and Templates.

Software and Dreamware


Collateral : 80’s & 90’s

[Work in progress]

Here’s some of the referential and explanatory stuff  that I’ve produced – both for my own products and for clients.


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