The TextUp Workstation lets you quickly edit graphically sophisticated pages through a simple Template and Clip Art-driven design tool.

Edit, merge & highlight Text content

  • Merge graphic Clip 
  • Generate Bar Charts and Histograms
  • Custom Font Styles for Text Titling
  • Manage your production process

This product was a bit ahead of its time: We engineered in some of the strongest pre-Web attributes of HTMCSS, and even XML.

Textup is a rudimentary meta-information tagging system that provides annotation, templating and an English-language-y user interface that allows a person with basic secretarial skills to easily update graphically sophisticated pages safely and quickly.

Content Integration through Context Management


Nynex Online DirectoryIndiana University Campus MapCitiVision Intrnet Services

Prime Viewbase System
Sony Videodisc Catalong

Textup Clients

Citibank “CitiVision”

IBM Corporation

Indiana University

NYNEX Info Resources

NYNEX Computer Services

Pacific Bell “Info-Pac” and “Career-Wise”

Prime Computer

Sony Corporation

Telerate SportsTicker Plus

Trintex (Prodigy)


Value Proposition

TextUpShow and OTTO had a rebirth in 1990 when I re-engineered those template management techniques into the Electronic Sales Assistant for the Newspaper Association of America.

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