This software page generator engine takes a “bare bones” simple text file, automatically reformats the data in it into graphic templates, and stores the result under a new filename.

In many ways, Otto may be viewed simply as an automated version of TextUp.

SportsTicker Hockey Score Update

Slide #1

Text-only sports info


Parse the “raw” text-only SportsTicker feed according to the Data Rules.

Data 1 : Home Team : “New Jersey”

Data 2 : Home Team Score : “2”

Data 3 : Visiting Team : “Montreal”

Data 4 : Visiting Team Score : “0”

Data 5 : Period of Play : “2”

Slide #2

Team Logo library


Identify and affiliate the appropriate Team Logo Clip art with the Data.

In this example, the New Jersey Devils logo is matched to the data item

  • NHL : Home Team : New Jersey

Slide #3

Enhanced Sports info page


OTTO assembles the finished (enhanced) page:

  • Template
  • + Logo Clip Art
  • + SportsTicker data

The OTTO solution dynamically builds graphically sophisticated pages

The Automated Page Formatting Engine

  • “Batch” processes a group of files
  • Reformats a single file of ASCII text information into multiple display formats (for different applications.
  • Merges graphics on basis of rules
  • Generates Bar Charts and histograms on the basis of the incoming data

TextUpShow and OTTO had a rebirth in 1990 when I re-engineered those template management techniques for the Newspaper Association of America as the Electronic Sales Assistant.

It was all based on implicit and explicit metadata tagging of information. And since all Otto templates are completely tagged, you can also custom-edit individual pages with our CMS TextUp tool.




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